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Contemporary, reliable, and expertly crafted. These are the core values that Cali-Man Construction adheres to on every construction, design, and maintenance project we carry out. We are a Los Angeles-based business that understands the obligation required for commercial and private projects to complete stunning swimming pools and Jacuzzi. We work across Los Angeles, including critical areas such as Santa Monica, Newport Beach, and West Hollywood.


The layout for your new pool is marked on the ground for precise excavation and placement.


The hole is dug to exact specifications to ensure the proper shape and depth. Once drainage materials are laid, the ground is leveled and compacted for optimum support.

Shell Placement

It is a dramatic step! Steel installation, bending & forming according the shape & design of the pool. After pluming & electrical system installation is done placing the concrete & allow it to dry

Backfill & Fill

Now the precision process of filling the pool with water while backfilling for support begins. Plumbing and electrical are completed. Pumps and filtration systems are installed and checked for operation and quality.

Decking Installation

The decking material you initially chose for your pool area (poured concrete, pavers, travertine, or bricks) is installed. Your backyard pool area is almost complete!

Completed Project

Construction equipment, tools, and any debris are cleared from the site. The area is cleaned, and your beautiful new pool is ready for you to enjoy!